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re: App: He-Gunz

The application submitted by He-Gunz is as follows:

1. Please provide a link to your armory, as well as your battletag.: Btag: HeGunz#1451

2. Please link us to some recent warcraftlogs parses. If you do not have any, get them. AskMrRobot parses will also suffice.: Most recent log, Please see below for more logs.

3. What is your dual spec? Are you comfortable using it in a raid situation (if applicable)?:
Feral main spec, Guardian off spec. I don't have much gear for bear and as such don't feel comfortable breaking it out for progression but farm content I might be able to handle with it.

4. We require the use of DBM or Bigwigs. We also require Weakauras, GTFO, Exorsus Raid Tools, and Angry Assignments. Confirm that you either already use these, or will download them upon acceptance to the guild.:
I run all but GTFO and Weakauras at this time and have no issues with getting either.

5. Please provide a link to a screenshot of your UI. (If you do not know how to do this, go to or a similar website, and upload your screenshot there, then post a link to it here). Don't write "default UI" and don't leave this blank.:

6. Why do you want to join Eternal Life, and what do you look for in a guild?:
I'm looking to join Eternal Life so I can raid with like-minded individuals wanting to push progression on a reasonable raid schedule. I can kill content in a timely manner with pubs but want the stability of a guild as well as a consistent roster to benchmark myself against.

7. What are your recent previous guilds? Why did you leave? :
<I am a Volcano> of Mannoroth - We were a handful of friends that casually ran over content to kill time, broke up due to lack of dedicated leadership.
<Shine> of Vek'Nilash - I joined the guild to raid with friends who have since moved on or quit, I'm looking to push myself and that requires me to be in a higher skilled environment in order to be properly motivated.

8. Do you know any one in Eternal Life? If so, how do you know them?:
Ive been IRL best friends with Floreon for about 10 years, we've raided together since BC. Freecell joined my old guild toward the end of its run and Ive harassed Mushu since she joined Volcano guild a few months back.

9. Which website(s) do you use to get information about bosses and your class? Why do you use these particular websites? Be sure to only mention websites that you actually use.:
For bosses and theorycrafting I mainly consult community is full of useful information pertaining to feral and ive found being able to bounce ideas to eek out more dps on various encounters off players of varying skill levels helps a lot. Boss encounters I otherwise just watch whatever PTR or kill videos are flaoting around, FatBoss' PTR video for example.

10. Are you able to handle criticism so long as it's done respectfully?:

Our Raid Schedule is as follows:

Tuesday, Thursday, and Monday: 7:45PM - 11:00PM EST

This is our raid schedule in a given week. When we are not working on progression, it can potentially be reduced to 1-2 days instead of 3.

11. Please list your availability for each of the listed nights. Be honest please; saying you will show every night and then not doing so looks very bad for a new trial.:
Mon, Tues, Thurs would be no issue at all.

12. Please list and describe any predictable IRL responsibilities or reasons why you may be late to and/or miss any of these given raid nights. Also, list any reasons you may need to frequently AFK during raids.:
Summers are my busy seasons with work but I rarely get off later than 6pm EST. Other than that not much would interfer with raiding.

13. Lastly, tell us more about yourself. Is there anything you think we should know about you that wasn't already asked?:
I've been playing WoW for almost 9 years now and raiding as a druid at a high level for the majority of that time. I love fighting games, mindlessly grinding mobs in Diablo and am a die-hard fan of Guild Wars 1 PVP.

Assortment of logs as mentioned above...

Normal ( server rankings for HFC
Heroic ( server rankings for HFC

Personal progress since launch fo HFC -

Night of H Archimonde progress -

Tuesday 8/18 N Archimonde pug -


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re: CLOSED - App: He-Gunz - by Killshield


HEEEGUNZ, is one of the best feral druids i know, much better than Rawrczar, hed be an awesome addition. As you can see from his parses he can pull the dmg for the content we're currently looking at.

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re: CLOSED - App: He-Gunz - by Killshield


Logs look solid to me, and you have friends in the guild. Good enough for me. Accepted as a trial. Contact an officer for an invite to the guild.

If you're available this Sunday at 7:45pm EST, we're doing an alt run with some heroic bosses and some normal. It'd be a good opportunity to start getting to know some of the raiders in the guild.

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