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re: From the Wonderful World of WoD


So watching MMO-Champion over the past couple months, I've noticed some interesting and bizarre items that have been datamined from the Alpha and I figured that I would share a few every once in a while. A bunch of them will likely be changed or have restrictions, otherwise they would be too OP or allow all of the trolls to take over... 

Disclaimer: It's stuff from Alpha builds so if you've traveled back from the future, or you plan on being alive when this stuff gets released, some things might change.

So here we go!

Simplyswift Treads

Nozaro, Staff of the Heavens

Rowyn, the Jailer's Gavel

So these are some of the items that are planned for use in the new world PvP zone Ashran. Priests get to fly, Paladins get to hand out "Go to Jail" cards to everyone. The hunter boots don't currently say only in Ashran but most people agree that the flavour text was just forgotten. If not, hunters, apologize to your disengage button because it will start seeing a LOT more use.  :)

Now for some other more fun items. First, for all of you who feel trapped within your body and want a change, Blizz has your solution!!!

Transmorphic Tincture

And for all of you griefers and trolls out there:


This will probably come with a huge number of restrictions, but for now imagine all of the Lumber Mill cliff jumping...


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