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re: Loot Council Rules and Explanation


Loot Distribution Rules

We use a Loot Council system for loot distribution.


Loot is decided based on overall benefit to the guild, member attendance, recent items awarded, size of upgrade, contribution to raids, and other factors. We have no tolerance for loot drama.

The rules can be found below:

How It’s Decided

1.) There will be a Council of 5 representatives that will individually decide on how to hand out items.


  1. The Council will have the following:

    1. 2x Officers on a weekly rotation

    2. 2x Raiders chosen at random at the beginning of each raid lockout

    3. 1x GM for help concerning split decisions

2.) How the loot is distributed will have many factors weighed into it:

  1. Raid Attendance

  2. Performance

  3. Recently Received Items

  4. Size of Upgrade

  5. Contribution to raids

  6. Other factors attributing to boss kills

How to use this system

  1. First and foremost, you need to have the addon, “RcLootCouncil” installed. This is 100% required, as you will not get prompted for loot without it.

  2. Once a boss is killed, RcLootCouncil will automatically bring up a window for each of the pieces of loot that have dropped.

  3. In this window, you will find several options such as “Best in Slot Upgrade”, “Main spec Upgrade”, “Warforged/Socket Upgrade”, “Offset”, “Xmog”, and “Pass”.

  4. Select the option that fits best for you. For example, if a piece drops that is an upgrade, but not your Best in Slot piece, you would select “Main Spec Upgrade”. On the other hand, if you want the piece for your offset, you would select “Offspec”.

  5. If you feel the loot council needs additional information for a certain piece of gear, there is an option to add a note. For example, if you have 3 tier pieces, and a tier piece drops that would give you your 4 set, then you would want to write a note with that information... something along the lines of: “Would make my 4 set.” Another example would be if a trinket drops that is technically not your BiS, but your BiS trinket doesn't drop until a much later boss that we aren't farming yet. In that case, you would add a note along the lines of “Trinket is bis until [boss name here]”

  6. If for some reason, you click the wrong option, or forget to write a note that you feel is necessary, whisper the raid leader (likely either Killstrike or Epsilonchild) and explain your situation. However, please try to keep misclicks to a minimum.

  7. The Guild Leader/Officers reserve the right to prioritize loot for certain roles/specs if the situation is extreme enough to warrant it. This is not a decision we would ever take lightly, and would only be used at times when progression relies on it. An example of this would be on a fight like Spine of Deathwing, where guilds had to funnel gear to their Mages and Rogues in order to beat the specific burst DPS requirement in order to defeat the encounter. The only times we would consider invoking this "rule" would be in extremely blatant situations, where it's obvious to the majority of people that we would need to do it in order to succeed. In this type of situation, the decision would likely be announced to the guild/raid well in advance.


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