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re: PTR 6.2.3 - The moose is loose!


Blizz released the ptr patch notes today, notable features include cross realm mythic, new timewalking dungeons plus mount, valor points making a comeback, pvp season 3, and a limited time only mount for killing heroic or mythic archimonde

For 6.2.3 Blizz has added in a new timewalking weekly event, which covers half a dozen Cataclysm dungeons. They've also added Pit of Saron and Magister's Terrace to the Wrath and BC timewalking events. Another thing added to timewalking is the chance for each boss to drop an Infinite Timereaver mount that is super sexy.

Infinite Timereaver

Valor Points are making a comeback! By running Mythic dungeons, lfr wings, or a Heroic dungeon (daily bonus) you can gain valor points that will allow you to upgrade your gear 5ilvl at a time, for a max of 10ilvl per piece. Get ready to put your grinding caps on...

Gear from Mythic Dungeons, as well as Baleful gear from Tanaan will have a chance to have larger upgrades! Mythic dungeon gear will range from 685 all the way to 725, while Baleful gear will ranged from 655 to 695! Of course the chance of getting a max level upgrade will be very small, but it will be a welcome surprise for those gearing up alts, or even having a shot at getting a mythic HFC level piece while you're grinding out all of the valor :s

PvP Season 3: The new Warmongering gear sets will have PvP ilvls of 715, 730, and 740.

And saving the best for last.... THE MOOSE IS LOOSE!!!!1!

The new Grove Warden mount

For a limited time only! For killing Archimonde on either Heroic or Mythic difficulty, players will be rewarded with an item that starts a quest. After delivering the item to the Druids in Moonglade, the player will receive the Grove Warden mount. This will likely only be available until sometime just before Legion, so get this magical moose while you can!


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