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re: APPROVED - App: ClassicallyDK - by Epsilonchild


Hey there!

I agree with Kill, app looks good. We can definitely use some more experienced raiders to complete our Legion roster and I'm sure you'll be a good fit.

This week's been somewhat hectic, but I should be around throughout the week, feel free to add my battletag: Epsilon#11950 and we can chat some more!

Look forward to hearing from you :P

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re: APPROVED - App: ClassicallyDK - by Epsilonchild


Hey Classically, just letting you know we've received your app. Everything looks good to me. As I said when we spoke last night, you seem like you're a good fit. Epsilon will respond soon I'm sure.

Good luck!

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re: App: ClassicallyDK

The application submitted by ClassicallyDK is as follows:

1. Please provide a link to your armory, as well as your battletag.:

2. Please link us to some recent warcraftlogs parses. If you do not have any, get them. AskMrRobot parses will also suffice.: - Highmaul (Kil'jaedan) // - BRF (Proudmoore) // - BRF (Mal'Ganis) // - HFC (Mal'Ganis)

3. What is your dual spec? Are you comfortable using it in a raid situation (if applicable)?:
I am willing to play all 3 Death Knight Specs in a raid setting but I will prioritize Unholy and Frost for raiding in Legion.

4. We require the use of DBM or Bigwigs. We also require Weakauras, GTFO, Exorsus Raid Tools, and Angry Assignments. Confirm that you either already use these, or will download them upon acceptance to the guild.:
I use a majority of these addons and would be willing to download the ones I do no have.

5. Please provide a link to a screenshot of your UI. A steam or YouTube link also works.:

6. Why do you want to join Eternal Life, and what do you look for in a guild?:
I would like to join Eternal Life because I think it would be a great way to get back into the game after taking a hiatus. Eternal Life is currently in a rebuild phase from what I understand and with Legion on the horizon I think I would attribute to the success of the guild. I am looking to raid with like-minded people who want to clear mythic on a decent schedule while also having a fun time.

7. What are your recent previous guilds? Why did you leave? :
My most recent guild was Invalid Target - Mal'ganis Horde. I was a Windwalker Monk throughout Blackrock Foundry and early Hellfire Citadel progression with this guild. I decided to take a hiatus in the early weeks of Hellfire Citadel and shortly after they disbanded due to a large amount of players wanting to go to a better raiding guild.

8. Do you know any one in Eternal Life? If so, how do you know them?:
I do not currently know anyone in Eternal Life

9. Which website(s) do you use to get information about bosses and your class? Why do you use these particular websites?:
For my own class, I use the Death Knight discord but I am also friends with some of the more prominent Death Knight players in the high end scene so I always have someone to bounce ideas off in terms of thoerycrafting for my class/spec. As far as bosses go, I make it a high priority to raid test in either PTR or Beta and I also have extensive guide writing knowledge from previous guilds. I use the Death Knight Discord mainly because it doesn't get cluttered with off topic posts or useless information.

10. Are you able to handle criticism so long as it's done respectfully?:
Yes I am.

Our Raid Schedule is as follows:

Tuesday, Thursday, and Monday: 7:45PM - 11:00PM EST

This is our raid schedule in a given week. When we are not working on progression, it can potentially be reduced to 1-2 days instead of 3.

11. Please list your availability for each of the listed nights. Be honest please; saying you will show every night and then not doing so looks very bad for a new trial.:
I am able to make every raid night.

12. Please list and describe any predictable IRL responsibilities or reasons why you may be late to and/or miss any of these given raid nights. Also, list any reasons you may need to frequently AFK during raids.:
I work Monday-Friday 9pm-6am PST. Sometimes I may be asked to work 1 hour earlier which would make me have to leave raid 30 minutes early but we are getting into our slow season and I haven't ran into that situation happening in the last 9 months.

13. Lastly, tell us more about yourself. Is there anything you think we should know about you that wasn't already asked?:
I posted my Windwalker logs because I currently do not have any on my Death Knight. With that being said I will be able to get logs for my DK on sunday but they will be skewed because I am running a heroic raid with Infinity whose roster clears the majority of fights within the first minute. My Windwalker logs are from progression kills before the games stat scaling got out of control with the end of Hellfire Citadel and I hope they are sufficient in showing what level of play I am at as you can expect the same and better from me on any class/spec. My Blackrock Foundry logs aren't the greatest and I could make excuse after excuse on why Windwalkers weren't the greatest spec in the world in that tier but in all honesty it was me not having fun with Windwalker in BRF and due to that not putting my heart into playing the best I could and that hurt my guild at the time. I decided with prepatch that I did not want to play Windwalker any longer and found that DK appealed to me more then anything and I truly enjoy it so I decided to make the swap.

I want to thank you for your time in reading and going over my application and I hope to hear from you soon.

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