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re: App: HolmesJoe

The application submitted by HolmesJoe is as follows:

1. Please provide a link to your armory, as well as your battletag.: JoeH #11920

2. Please link us to some recent warcraftlogs parses. If you do not have any, get them. AskMrRobot parses will also suffice.:

3. What is your dual spec? Are you comfortable using it in a raid situation (if applicable)?:
Best Mastery. I'm comfortable with it. I don't have as much AP into it currently.

4. We require the use of DBM or Bigwigs. We also require Weakauras, GTFO, Exorsus Raid Tools, and Angry Assignments. Confirm that you either already use these, or will download them upon acceptance to the guild.:
I use some of these already. I have no problem with downloading the others

5. Please provide a link to a screenshot of your UI. A steam or YouTube link also works.:
I am at work currently. I use Elvui and can upload tonight.

6. Why do you want to join Eternal Life, and what do you look for in a guild?:
I'm looking to get back into raiding. I was in a US 400 guild back in WOLTK and quit shortly after Cata came out due to not having enough time to play. Based on your recruitment posts you seem like a team that takes things serious, understands that real life is important too, and also knows how to have fun. I'm looking for a guild that raids. A team that cares about progression but is not super hardcore. Also a guild that has people that would like to run mythic dungeons, PVPs and is social. We all play this game to have fun so a guild that likes to have fun is also important.

7. What are your recent previous guilds? Why did you leave? :
As previously stated, I quit playing in Cata so that's why I left that guild. I'm looking for a change from my current guild as they do not raid and I can't even find enough people to run a mythic with. It's time to find a raid team and a fun team or quit and I don't want to quit!

8. Do you know any one in Eternal Life? If so, how do you know them?:
I do not.

9. Which website(s) do you use to get information about bosses and your class? Why do you use these particular websites?:
Icy Veins, MMO Champ., Fatboss videos on fights, etc. I use them as they seem to be very reliable sources of informaiton. Open to learning about more good sources.

10. Are you able to handle criticism so long as it's done respectfully?:
Yes. constructive feedback is how everyone gets better.

Our Raid Schedule is as follows:

Tuesday, Thursday, and Monday: 7:45PM - 11:00PM EST

This is our raid schedule in a given week. When we are not working on progression, it can potentially be reduced to 1-2 days instead of 3.

11. Please list your availability for each of the listed nights. Be honest please; saying you will show every night and then not doing so looks very bad for a new trial.:
Open. Ready and waiting. I could not do Wednesdays if that ever becomes required.

12. Please list and describe any predictable IRL responsibilities or reasons why you may be late to and/or miss any of these given raid nights. Also, list any reasons you may need to frequently AFK during raids.:
I know of no reasons during M, T, Th during those times.

13. Lastly, tell us more about yourself. Is there anything you think we should know about you that wasn't already asked?:
I'm pretty laid back guy in my 30's that has a professional job where I work 60 hours a week plus so I need my funt time too. I have a girlfriend but not kids. I really want to get back into raiding as I miss it. I haven't enchanted and gemmed by gear as I am not currently raiding, but when I'm on a raid team, I come prepared and ready to do my best for the team (which includes having the best enchants, food, pots, etc. Naturally as I'm applying to a guild not on my server, I'm happy to server transfer. I'd probably transfer my monk alt as well. trying to get into healing too but I've always loved my hunter. Outside of WOW, I enjoy running/working out and spending as much as time as I can outside and with friends. Happy to have a conversation on mumble/vent/teamspeak as well. Thanks for taking the time to review my application. Joe

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re: App: HolmesJoe


Hey there Holmesjoe,

Just letting you know that we've seen your app and will get back to you soon.



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re: Adding UI Pic


So sorry for the delay. Here is my UI: Have a good day. 

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